Sports in Al Wajeha district

Looking for ways to stay healthy and active in Al Wajeha district of Dubai? Look no further! With a variety of fitness clubs and gyms offering sports for kids, basketball, football, and more, staying fit has never been easier.

Fitness is not just about physical strength, but also about mental well-being and overall health. That’s why many gyms in Al Wajeha district offer a holistic approach to fitness, providing a well-rounded experience for their members. From personalized training programs to nutrition guidance, these gyms are dedicated to helping you achieve your fitness goals.

Looking to involve your children in healthy activities? Many fitness clubs in Al Wajeha district offer classes and programs specifically for kids, such as sports for kids and youth fitness classes. Not only will your children stay active, but they will also learn important skills like teamwork and coordination.

For those who enjoy team sports, there are also gyms in the district that have facilities like basketball and football courts. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, these gyms offer a fun and competitive environment to engage in your favorite sports.

So why not take a step towards a healthier lifestyle and join one of the many fitness clubs and gyms in Al Wajeha district? Make fitness a part of your daily routine and experience the benefits of a stronger body and mind. Stay healthy, stay fit!

Fitness clubs and training in Al Wajeha Dubai’s distict

al wajeha list of gyms

Fitness Time ProFit Al Wajeha

Located in Al Wajeha Souk, Fitness Time ProFit offers a modern and spacious gym space, state-of-the-art equipment, and a variety of group fitness classes.

Address: Al Wajeha Souk, Al Barsha South.

GymNation Al Barsha

Known for its affordable yet high-quality facilities, GymNation Al Barsha provides a wide range of workout equipment, dedicated weightlifting areas, and studio rooms for classes.

Address: Al Barsha South 1, Dubai.

Fitness Zone Al Barsha

With a friendly and supportive environment, Fitness Zone Al Barsha offers a spacious gym area, top-notch equipment, and expert trainers.

Address: Building 11, Al Barsha South.

The Platform Fitness Club

A boutique fitness club in Al Wajeha District, The Platform Fitness Club offers personalized training programs, a variety of classes, and a holistic approach to fitness.

Address: Layan Community, Al Barsha South.

The Room Abu Hail

Situated in Abu Hail, The Room is a premium fitness center that focuses on delivering a comprehensive and personalized fitness experience through a variety of classes and state-of-the-art equipment.

Address: Abu Hail Center, Hor Al Anz East.